Lifestyle Concierge

Personal Finance Management and Lifestyle Management Concierge

Life, something that happens whether you plan for it or not; your health, finances, professional activities, personal activities, the care and support of family members, budgets, assisted living, possible divorce or separation issues, and dividing assets. These personal challenges become a mental priority as well as a physical priority in the middle of a good day and catch you off guard.

Your lifestyle encompasses each of these components. Maintaining your lifestyle during crises, takes careful pre-planning. As unpredictable as it may be, pre-planning enables you to have a strategy in place to better manage unforeseen events.

When life is running well, we do not worry about the future. The most effective planning is accomplished when your life is well organized. It allows you the time to identify possible problems, do careful research and then make informed decisions. More information is considered, more details are identified and the best decisions are made.

Utilizing the service of a Lifestyle Management Concierge assists you and your family to ensure your concerns are addressed and ensure preplanning helps to avoid many unwanted financial concerns about the future. Our Lifestyle Management services are primarily directed towards the elderly, or their family members, who are their executors or trustees. When they are motivated by age, health concerns, finances, and support during later years. Your family may be in great health but their optimal health and strength may be jeopardized at one point and that is why you want to be prepared. Wise Management and Financial Services provides options or alternatives available to assist you in making informed decisions regarding what to look for and what to think about when managing someone else’s daily life. Finding a trusted advisor can be a difficult process.

Wise Management & Financial Services recommends a few simple planning steps to take better control of your Lifestyle Management; decide on one financial goal you want to create, write your goal down on paper, commit to your new goal, track your progress, hold yourself accountable, if you fail – analyze, regroup, and begin again. Wise Management & Financial Services customizes your budget according to your specific needs. Following the initial creation of your customized plan, we work side by side with you to strategically implement and assist you in taking action. This financial picture created by you, will provide insight into what options are available to you to mainatain your income, possible opportunities to increase your income and how to preserve your wealth.


Budgeting is an important aspect of Lifestyle Management. Money allows us to reach our goals and make conscious decisions to determine how we choose to spend our money most effectively. A budget is a spending plan that illustrates exactly where your money is being used so that you can effectively save and invest. These four components might nudge your thinking towards being more disciplined via a budget. Considering income and expenses and using budget constraints for the purpose of creating consistency and keeping the spending down, savings up, less stress and more serenity a client may find that the best plan for their needs is a budget that they are accountable to. You create it, you obey it, self imposed stress or joy, your choice. Budgeting is a process that eliminates careless spending and helps clients be sure they are spending their money efficiently.

Wise Management & Financial Services also provides direction in reviewing the financial pros and cons in finding and relocating to an assisted living facility. Wise Management & Financial Services liaises with clients Care Managers or Case Managers in evaluating a facility that may provide independent living opportunities or twenty-four hour care facilities specifically requested or required. Clients’ with special needs such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease will require assisted living centers with specific aspects that aid their special needs. The process of finding the best assisted living center for a family member may be difficult. Ask yourself, what would I be looking for in a facility? When evaluating your options, compare their support services, health care, laundry services, the number and times available for providing meals, and in my opinion the most important factor is the staff. Did you like them and did you get a genuine feeling from them. Most plans include all of these services but it is best to thoroughly review all plans and find the most accommodating plan considering services and affordability. Wise Management & Financial Services will provide a financial analysis on various retirement communities to help you make an informed decision.

Lifestyle Management may also apply to personal situations such as Divorce or a Separation. The difficulty of a Divorce or Separation will be dependent on the specifics of the situation. Clients wanting this type of Lifestyle Management will have access to mediation, selling, listing, and dividing assets. Assistance with documentation needed for attorneys and courts will also be provided. After the Divorce or Separation is finalized you may need to update personal documents such as a Will and Trust or Life Insurance policies, or simply the name on your PO Box paperwork. These services are offered by Wise Management & Financial Services as part of Lifestyle Management situations pertaining to Divorce and Separations. By seeking out a financial services concierge you can enjoy the benefits of lifestyle management services and enjoy the ease of a life without worry.