San Diego Probate Estate Management

Probate and Real Estate Management:

When you lose a loved one, the inevitable legal matters can seem difficult and confusing. Most times a Probate Judge appoints a family member as the Administrator of the Intestate Estate. If a family member is unwilling or unable to perform this task we can offer assistance with Probate Management. Contracting the services of a non-family member can also help to alleviate family strife between heirs contesting the Will. I liaise between the Trustee, family members, the decedents Attorney, Professional Fiduciaries, Conservator and CPA to assist with management of the probate proces.

Executive Assistant Probate Services:

  1. Identifying deceased’s assets and assisting the Estate Attorney or Probate Referee with administration and inventory of assets.
  2. Management of accounting and bill payment of lawful debts of the Estate.
  3. Ensure property and other taxes are current
  4. Notifying the deceased’s creditors of the testators death
  5. Assisting with distribution of assets to beneficiaries according to the terms of the will, according to state intestacy laws if there is no will, or according to a settlement agreement entered into by all beneficiaries.
  6. Procure documentation for CPA to prepare Tax Returns.
  7. Providing Social Security, Medicare and Veterans Affairs with death certificates.
  8. Assist in locating possible Life Insurance Policies and Annuities.

TESTIMONIAL:-  "Many of you, maybe even right now are in the throws of a dilemma relating to the care and ongoing needs of your aging parents.It can, and often is - overwhelming to go through the never ending issues and legal hurdles necessary to get your parents estate together, and to arrange for their ongoing care. Not to mention an ogoing concern whether they are being cared for properly, if and when you have in home care, or decide to place them in a senior facility. You don't know where to turn or whom to trust, and I would offer from personal experience that you have found the right person here in Karin S. Wise. Karin was recommended to me via several advisors to assist in the care and transition of my parents from their personal residence to a senior facility, and also resolving their estate upon their passing. To say that I could not have done it without her would be minimizing her help and assistance. Karin checked in on my parents once per week, got the mail and paid their bills as needed. She also reported to me on the care that my parents were receiving from their personal choice of "in home care givers." This became more often than once a week after my dad got dementia and started ordering automobiles over the phone! In short order Karin had all the bills caught up and everyone was current. My dad had no access to cash or a checkbook, which was a needed action to eliminate any further issues. Then my dad fell, got hurt and was in the hospital and needed surgery, and then, it was time to sell their house and relocate my parents into a retirement facility - which, my mother fought tooth and nail. The last piece of furniture the movers carried out of the house was the chair that mother was sitting in - and Karin was there the whole time!

I could not do it just got to be to much and too overwhelming. Karin was a lifesaver...and I needed her help because on top of everyone else my parents were making everything difficult!

Did you know that when your parents are in a Senior facility they have to supply their own toilet paper, tissues, razors, soap, underwear, socks and water?
Did you know that when they have dementia, they have to be on a separate locked floor and cannot go outside?
You have to still get them to the dentist, their doctors appointments, get their haircut, their nails and eyebrows trimmed.... as no one else will. These are the things that Karin does and does well at. The pain of watching my parents demise was offset by the thought that they were at least going with dignity and Karin was a great part of that.
She helped with the burials, the final bill reconciliation and, due to her background I asked her to be involved with the final resolution of my parents estate between my sister and myself.

In short, if you want peace of mind and some sanity during this trying time- I would offer that you should discuss your needs with Karin.
At this time, for this situation, where you are at in your life -you need her and her expertise.

My name is David Flynn and you can contact me via linked in if you would like and I can speak to you personally about Karin's qualifications. She has my highest recommendation!

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